Visitor´s Itinerary

Due to COVID-19, please confirm your visit with us one week prior to the agred date.


You can buy your tickets to Viracopos (VPC) airport
If you arrive in the morning, you can schedule a visit at the  main office in Campinas and have lunch with Dr. Mário Ferraz.

We recommend that you stay at Hotel Florença, which is a 9 minute walk from Hospital São Francisco where all surgeries are performed.

There are no activities on monday.

Hotel Florença is a 9minute walk from the support Clinic and the Hospital.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

On those days you will observe two surgeries at Hospital São Francisco.
The first surgery will start at 7am and the second one just after. There are lunch options available at the hospital.
All surgeries are rhinoplasty cases, sometimes associated with other facial procedures.


There are no activities on this day.


Sometimes there is one surgery saturday morning, still at Hospital São Francisco. Please check with us upon your arrival.