International Patients

Dr. Mario Ferraz and his staff discussing cases.

Step 1: Have an online appointment

You may schedule an online appointment with doctor Mario Ferraz. The consultation costs R$1200 (about U$250) and quote will be provided for your surgery.

A payment link will be sent upon confirmation.

You can apply for an online consultation on the end of the page. Please notice that due to high demand it may take up to 4 months to schedule a consultation - we try to fit everyone travel plans.

Dr. Mario Ferraz in a rhinoplasty operation in Hospital São Francisco.

Step 2: Confirm your surgery

To schedule a surgery date we will send a payment link. 

Step 3: Have examinations at your home country

We will send you the requests for blood examination and you can schedule them at your preferred supplier at home. You will also need a letter from a cardiologist stating that you are apt to surgery. You can email your results to us 30 days before surgery.

Dr. Mario Ferraz in a pre-op check at the office in Campinas-SP

Step 4: Arrive two days before your surgery for your pre-op checkup

You can buy your tickets to Viracopos (VPC) airport. On your arrival we can suggest a concierge service to pick you up and take you to our main office in Campinas, where you will have a consultation with doctor Mario Ferraz, on a wednesday.

After that, you can go to the hotel. We recommend that you stay at Hotel Florença, which is a 9 minute walk from the hospital and our support clinic. You could also go to Hotel Royal Palm Plaza to enjoy your stay in Campinas

Step 5: Arriving at the hospital

The provided concierge will drive you to the hospital and help with the check in. A private nurse can be provided by the clinic to accompany will through your night stay at the hospital.

Hotel Florença is a 9minute walk from the Clinic and the Hospital.

Step 6: Rest for ten days.

After ten days resting you will have another consultation to check your progress.